A New Community, A New Vision

Nestled between the South Loop, Chinatown, the Prairie District and Bronzeville, the McCormick Square community is built on a vision of growth, economic stability and entertainment for its surrounding communities. From McCormick Place to the new Wintrust Arena to Motor Row, McCormick Square is a destination fit for tourists, convention goers and native Chicagoans alike. Above all, McCormick Square is committed to serving and bettering its community as a good neighbor.

A Growing Destination

McCormick Place is more than a convention center, which is why we are introducing McCormick Square. McCormick Square is a growing community. As the area continues to expand with the Wintrust Arena and Marriott Marquis Chicago, McCormick Place is headed into a new era.

Fun Fact

The North, South and West Buildings; as well as the Lakeside Center, offer 2.6 million square feet of exhibition space.

We are no longer just a building, we are a community


Fun Fact

The Chicago Auto Show is the nations largest and longest running show, held every year and open to the public at McCormick Square.
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